Nokia 106 - Remove private content from your phone

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Remove private content from your phone

If you buy a new phone, or otherwise want to dispose of or recycle your phone, here’s how you can

remove personal info and content.
When removing private content from your phone, pay attention to whether you are removing content

from the phone memory or the SIM card.
1. To remove messages, select Menu > Messages > Delete messages.

2. Go to the folder you want to empty, and select Delete all or All read. To remove all messages from

your phone, empty all the folders separately.

3. To remove contacts, select Menu > Contacts > Delete > Delete all and the location.

4. To remove call info, select Menu > Call register > Clear call log > All calls.

5. Check that all your personal content has been removed.
Remove all content from your phone and restore the original settings

To reset your phone to its original settings and to remove all your data, on the home screen, type in


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